Technological and societal developments as well as growing concerns about climate change, environmental degradation and scarcity of resources are changing the nature of work and demand that we develop skills and provide knowledge to pave the way towards a green economy and green societies. Because of the importance and urgency of these concerns, the topic of greening TVET is a transversal priority theme in our trainings.
Greening Training – and the training of greening – is essential to the global transformation to an inclusive, resource efficient and low-carbon economy. There has been significant progress in the last two decades. Many private sector companies, are now partners for change. They are critical actors for meeting today’s environmental challenges and are seeing the benefit of creating decent jobs in a green economy. But we have to go much further, as a world community, and make the very transition to a green economy a mainstream business proposition. It has to become more than a necessity, a cost, a challenge – and be seen as a massive opportunity for the badly needed transformative change.
The transition towards a green economy has put a focus on something that more and more businesses are a
lready looking at in terms of their strategic outlook, markets, supply chains, and customer or consumer preferences.


Practically "green" lessons are highlighted in green in the lesson plan drop-down menus. Once inside the lesson the "Greening TVET" icon appears in the lesson description as well as in the trainings themselves next to the corresponding videos. As an example, the Construction training contains a unit dedicated to "eco-construction". Similarly a "vegetarian cooking" unit appears in the "Cooking" training.

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