Our achievements


Between 2009 and 2013; the TVET Academy equipped 8 vocational training centers across Cambodia in partnership with the Ministry of Education. We have created more than 200 hours of professional training videos in Khmer in 16 different trades. We have also trained 70 teachers for the benefit of several thousand young people. Despite a number of obstacles, the project was a great success, the proof being a significant impact on teachers motivation and pedagogy as well as students results. Throughout the project, our reward has been the unanimous and joyful raising of students hands when we asked them how many of them preferred the courses in which the trainers used our videos?




We have several ongoing projects with our local partner Fundacion Paraguaya.

  1. Agriculture schools to strengthen technical education of vulnerable young people in Agriculture by improvong the pedagogy skills and lotivation of trainers. Thus, in 2017 and 2018 some fifty agriculture technical schools trainers used our platform for the benefit of three thousand students, some of whom brought the training content back home in their phones for the benefit of their family and their community.
  2. Intensive Organic gardening. We are distance training in « blended learning » mode about 500 women each year of modest origins, micro-credit customers of Fundacion Paraguaya.
  3. The Poverty Elimination according to the "Poverty Stoplight" methodology. We offer thousands of clients concrete examples of success stories, in the form of videos of testimonies of people of modest origin explaining how they managed to overcome one aspect of their poverty.